What is Vulnerability Management?

The process involves the scanning of your organization’s entire infrastructure to uncover any potential technical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber criminals. Critical vulnerabilities are matched with critical information assets, and a report of actionable remediation work is supplied.

With effective and ongoing vulnerability management, you’ll have the necessary tools to understand your security weaknesses and put protections in place that reduce the likelihood of a breach.

What does vulnerability scanning involve?

Weekly scanning helps ensure the security of your environment when regular or occasional changes are being made (e.g. adding new software or services, installing new hardware, moving data to the cloud). Each scan provides fresh information about potential vulnerabilities and the associated security risks.

As part of our Managed Cybersecurity program in partnership with inSOC, RedQor can run weekly vulnerability scans, as required by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and CIS Critical Security Control 3.


Weekly scanning of all information assets, as required by CIS Critical Security Control 3.


The resulting remediation report is assigned a CVSS score and comes with a remediation timeframe.


SCAP/PCI compliant and maps vulnerabilities against the NIST Vulnerability Database.

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