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SOC as a Service (SOCaaS)

Turnkey cybersecurity for MSPs

An enterprise-level AI-driven cybersecurity platform, with open-XDR-based threat detection and weekly vulnerability scans. Available as three tiered solutions allowing MSPs and MSSPs to deliver a bespoke SOCaaS service to their customers.

Includes unique reporting with C-level overview, comprehensive checklist for technical team and monthly security score to demonstrate continuous improvement to customers.


Turnkey SOCaaS Solution for Managed Service Providers

SaaS Management

Discover, Manage & Secure Your Client’s SaaS Applications

SaaS Management

Discover, manage and secure SaaS applications

An instant solution for discovery of all agent or agentless SaaS applications in use across your clients’ networks that carries out automatic categorization of SaaS applications by job function and risk factor, then classifies them according to their level of security, financial or productivity risk.

Also enables easy administration of SaaS to significantly lighten day-to-day workload, ensures that MSPs follow security best practice to avoid falling victim to cyber attacks. Includes a backup and recovery solution specifically designed for MSPs.

Email Security

Email security redefined for MSPs

A sophisticated complimentary layer of security that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, offering advanced protection from targeted email attacks. It is deployed at the inbox and covers both internal and external threats with a birds eye view of all clients under your management.

We can also provide advanced protection from targeted attacks before they reach your clients’ networks. An out-of-the-box platform to secure your clients’ email perimeter with ultimate detection capability, machine learning and user-friendly customizable controls.

Email Security

Fully Ingegrated Specialist Defense for Your Email Accounts

Awareness Training

Online and in-person training to mitigate risk throughout your organization

Awareness Training

Mitigate the human risk factor

Cybersecurity awareness refers to an end user’s level of knowledge about security threats their organizations may be exposed to, and how to minimize risk through their own behavior. By building a culture of cybersecurity awareness among teams, user behaviors change and therefore potential for security risk reduces.

RedQor will identify the most relevant people to include in the training, how to keep attendees engaged and guide you through the entire process, recommending in-person or online training as appropriate.

MSP Talent Solutions

Build your dream team

RedQor offers a unique IT, cybersecurity and software development talent acquisition solution for your MSP or MSSP, allowing you to source specialists from our experienced resources or build a complete team.

Personnel can be provided on a long term or project-by-project basis. Delivered remotely as a virtual staffing solution, our ‘Build your own team’ model helps eliminate skills gaps and capacity issues.

Talent Acquisition

Eliminate skills gaps in your team without the time and costs of recruiting

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