What is a Security Audit?

Also known as a Security Maturity Level Assessment, the process is focused on evaluating the capability of your organization’s cybersecurity program and making recommendations on how to prioritize investment, resources and actions to improve it.

The assessment is based on industry best practice and internationally recognized cybersecurity frameworks, and tailored for your unique industry and organization. 

What does the audit involve?

A gap analysis will be carried out, along with an exploration of potential security risks, in order to identify your current security maturity level. The output is a detailed and fully documented report or our findings, with actionable recommendations on how to further mature your security program.

It will uncover your greatest security risks and inform you of where your security strategy should be focused.

High Level

The assessment includes a review of your security strategy as well as your technical capability.


Our recommendations include specific, repeatable processes that can be continuously improved.


Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CIS Critical Security Controls and ISO 27001.

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