SaaS Management

Discover, manage and secure your clients' SaaS applications

Where does SaaS Management fit in?

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RedQor empowers MSPs to offer multi-tenant SaaS management and cloud application security services, delivering proactive cyber attack prevention for clients. A platform specifically designed for MSPs to give RMM-like management capability to SaaS applications.

Augmentt Discover

SaaS Audits & Monitoring

Augmentt Discover carries out automatic categorization of SaaS applications by job function and risk factor, then classifies them according to their level of security, financial or productivity risk. An instant solution for discovery of all agent or agentless SaaS application in use across your network.

Augmentt Engage

SaaS Management

Augmentt Engage helps increase the speed and efficiency with which your staff can resolve 80% of the tickets that come through for Microsoft and Google.

This module enables easy administration of SaaS – including provisioning and deprovisioning applications via Least Privileged Access – to significantly lighten the day-to-day workload of your HelpDesk.

Help deliver enhanced protection to your clients via: 

  • Multi-Factor Protection (MFA)
  • Instant password resets
  • Blocking sign ins
  • Managing Users, Groups and Licenses
  • Safe Employee Offboarding with automated security best practices 

Augmentt Secure

SaaS Security

Augmentt Secure provides MSPs with a multitenant platform to manage and secure their M365 clients.

Using a range of internal and external reporting dashboards, MSPs can easily report of risks associated with accounts and receive real time threat alerts. Instantly remediate identified issuing by easily configurating Security Postures and Policies including creating conditional access policies, monitoring and enforcing MFA, blocking sign ins and more.

MSPs can also leverage customer facing reports to pitch security services to prospects, or show current clients exactly how MSP services are benefiting them. 

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