RMM Audits

An RMM auditing service designed specifically for MSPs

Is your RMM doing all it can do?

We help you ensure your RMM is configured so your engineers can focus on the most critical alerts and deliver the best possible service to your customers.

An RMM is a significant ongoing investment for an MSP, so a comprehensive RMM audit is key to getting the most out of your your chosen platform.

The benefits of an RMM audit include:

Reducing white noise

We analyze and diagnose any errors or misconfigurations in your RMM, and deliver a step by step remediation plan.

Ensuring best practice

We make sure your RMM is configured according to the most up-to-date features and policies, which can change often.

Increasing your efficiency

With your RMM optimized, your team no longer waste time investigating non-critical issues and can focus on your clients.


We identify opportunities for improvement so you can get the most from your RMM


We carry out the audit recommendations and configure key areas of optimization


We ensure your platform is up to date with the latest policies and best practices

We have specialist experience in auditing all of the major RMM platforms.

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