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Bespoke reporting that’s uniquely tailored to your KPIs. With C-level overview and month-on-month security posture scoring.

What is Layered Security?

Layered security is a strategy that implements multiple security controls across an organization’s IT network to protect all potentially vulnerable areas where a data breach or cyberattack could occur.

Your reputation as an MSP depends on your ability to stay ahead of ever-evolving data security risks, and the overall goal of the layered approach is to keep your customers’ businesses operating and secure at all times.

Mission Critical Assets

The layer that is absolutely critical to protect. Think financial records, medical records, operating systems or your entire cloud infrastructure – anything that would stop a business from operating in the event of a data breach. Every business has unique Mission Critical Assets that each require their own protection.

Data Security

Protection of both the storage and transfer of data. This is what hackers, cybercriminals and even your own staff or contractors could steal and use maliciously. The data layer requires dedicated protection, as it can be used to bypass the Network, Application, Endpoint and Cloud security layers too.

Application Security

Securing the software that a business depends on. From Microsoft Office 365 to Slack to Zoom – these are all prime targets for security threats such as ransomware and other malware, and another gateway to the Data, Endpoint, Network and Cloud security. Preventing unauthorized software is also key to this layer.

Endpoint Security

Securing the software that a business depends on. From Microsoft Office 365 to Slack to Zoom – these are all prime targets for security threats such as ransomware and other malware, and another gateway to the Data, Endpoint, Network and Cloud security. Preventing unauthorized software is also key to this layer.

Network Security

Limiting access to a network for employees, and eliminating access altogether for potential attackers. Email and the web can open up a network to a huge range of threats – malware, data leaks, spam, insider sabotage – and security measures for both inbound attacks and outbound data needs to be implemented.

Perimeter Security

The outer layer of a network. Expanding on the Endpoint layer, this includes not only computers and communication devices, but printers, photocopiers and anything other wireless access points. Firewalls, encryption, anti-virus software are part of the process, as well as device management and usage policy.

The Human Layer

Security breaches are almost always caused by human behavior. From phishing emails and poor IT training to deliberate exploitation of data, there are significant weak spots to be secured. Cybersecurity awareness training is at the forefront of this layer, as well as email security and incident response protocol.

Scale your MSP or MSSP faster with remote Cybersecurity Staffing

RedQor offers a unique IT, cybersecurity and software development staff augmentation solution for your MSP or MSSP, allowing you to source specific talent from our experienced resources or build a complete cybersecurity team.

Our range of specialists – including from junior to senior and consultant level – cover the full range of certifications, platforms, programming languages and industry-specific security controls, frameworks and compliance. Staff augmentation covers all 7 layers of security.

Unique Reporting

Our collaborative approach to reporting and resolving critical security risks is unique among vendors. Not just a list of issues, but prioritized recommendations designed to improve your customer’s security posture month-on-month with the help of a dedicated CISSP security team.


C-level overview of improvements plus detailed list of actions for technical staff


Monthly security score to demonstrate continuous improvement to your customers


Mapped to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and relevant CIS Critical Security Controls

Why Choose RedQor

Framework-Driven Cybersecurity

Our services are based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework - the proven international framework for information security. Our industry-specific knowledge of security requirements help ensure that your organization, and its reputation, is completely protected.

Cost Effective Staffing

Experienced cybersecurity staff available for long term or on a project-by-project basis, enabling your MSP/MSSP to provide the knowledge and skills required at an accessible price point.

Enterprise Grade Solutions

We deliver Managed Cybersecurity via our trusted partner, inSOC. With an impressive track record in providing open-XDR based SOC as a Service, potential threats and anomalies are detected before they can become a real security breach.

Build Your Own Cybersecurity Team

Get an instant idea of cost for the talent you require and the time you need them for, with our Resource Calculator. Choose your staff augmentation requirements and add-on security services…

Meet The Team

Kristian Wright

Joint Managing Director
I work with technology start-ups and growing businesses to build sales and marketing engines that deliver operationally deliverable results. With over 25 years’ experience in developing and leading technology businesses, I've grown my skills in strategic planning, lead generation, business development and C-level leadership within the IT Channel.  A heavily involved member of IT industry association CompTIA, I have served as Chair of CompTIA’s UK Business Technology Community from 2015-17 and Chair Emeritus from 2017-2019 and remain a keen supporter of CompTiA’s communities.

Tracy Pound

Joint Managing Director
After 32 years in Tech, my specialism is at the human end. I work with some of the world’s leading IT companies, providing training and speaking at their events around the world, which gives me the chance to make a real difference to the way people and businesses work. I’m also on a mission to help encourage girls and women to look at a career in Tech, and in 2015 I was very proud to be appointed to CompTIA's Board of Directors. I have successfully completed large scale infrastructure projects and am a published author of IT industry standards.

Hannah Lloyd

Sales Director
I’m responsible for global new business generation and managing major accounts of partners, and my vision is to deliver innovative and exciting cybersecurity solutions to the Channel. I’m very much involved in the wider Channel community, being elected as a member of the CompTIA UK Channel Community (UKCC) Executive Council for 2018, and as Vice Chair in 2020. During this time I’ve been honoured twice by CompTIA as a ChannelChanger, a programme that honours young professionals who are excelling in their roles within IT Channel organisations.

Steve Ross

Finance Director
I’ve been involved in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) sector for over 17 years, overseeing strategic direction and streamlining IT processes for businesses by sharing my extensive knowledge and experience of Managed IT, IT Support, Hosting and Cloud Services. I help MSP businesses work more effectively and become more profitable, through delivering valuable information technology strategies, implementation and maintenance. I’m a member (and former Vice Chair) of the Executive Council for CompTIA's UK Channel Community.


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