Fully Integrated Specialist Defense for O365

Where does Mesh fit in?

Mesh is a purpose-built email security platform – designed from the ground up for MSPs and MSSPs. It’s easy to delpy and has no hardware or software to install.

Mesh 365

Complete SOCaaS Solution

A sophisticated complimentary layer of security that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, offering advanced protection from targeted email attacks. It is deployed at the inbox and covers both internal and external threats.

Protects against:

Mesh Gateway

Modular SOCaaS Packages

Advanced protection from targeted attacks before they reach your network. An out-of-the-box platform to secure your email perimeter with ultimate detection capability, machine learning and user-friendly customizable controls.

Protects against:

Layered Security Packages

M365 Secure

Essential protection for any customer using Microsoft Office 365. Erradicate spam, malicious emails and more sophisticated attacks with this quick-to-deploy solution.

Threat Secure

All the benefits of M365 Secure with 24/7/364 SOC monitoring, plus agent-based Cloud & Device Monitoring and weekly Vulnerability Management.

Total Secure

A complete layered security suite including inSOC’s SOCaaS solution, SaaS security by Augmentt, Mesh email protection plus personalised cybersecurity awareness training.

MSP Secure

All of the above but for your own MSP. When your systems are safe, so are your customers. Ensure your own business - and its reputation - is fully protected.

Looking for a customized option?

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