M365 Security

Discover, manage and secure your clients' Microsoft 365
and SaaS applications

M365 Security

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RedQor empowers MSPs to offer multi-tenant SaaS management and cloud application security services, delivering proactive cyber attack prevention for clients. A platform specifically designed for MSPs to deliver scalable security services for Microsoft and cloud apps.

Augmentt Secure

M365 Security

Streamline your tenants M65 security policies, generate tickets for compliance violations, and send real time threat alerts to keep your customers protected.

Receive alerts via email or PSA ticket for real time threat detection. Reduce the noise with additional thresholding and set rules on which alerts you want to receive. If an M365 security threat is detected, quickly remediate the issue directly from the Augmentt platform.

Augmentt Engage

Microsoft Efficiency and Co-Management

Save time closing common IT tickets with multi-tenant access across Microsoft & Google. You can safely assign technicians with least privilege access and grant customers with granular user access.

Help deliver enhanced protection to your clients via: 

  • Multi-Factor Protection (MFA)
  • Instant password resets
  • Blocking sign ins
  • Managing Users, Groups and Licenses
  • Safe Employee Offboarding with automated security best practices 

Augmentt Discover

SaaS Discovery

Complete visibility into your customer’s SaaS application environment to eliminate Shadow IT and better understand SaaS user data to create and monitor safe usage policies.

With the largest SaaS database of over 22,000 applications, you can gain visibility and insight into your customer’s full list of SaaS apps to eliminate shadow IT. With the Augmentt platform, you can quickly analyze productivity and risk across each application, demonstrating value to your customers.

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