IT Automation & AIOps

Specialist remote IT resources to automate processes and improve delivery times

How does IT Automation work?

IT automation is the process of creating software and systems that automate repetitive tasks and remove the need for unnecessary and time consuming human intervention. It accelerates the delivery of IT infrastructure and applications by automating these manual tasks.

You may be considering (or have already made) an investment in IT automation software but lack the necessary skills, time, or finances to put it into practice. By providing your MSP or MSSP with an offshoring solution to carry out any form of IT automation you or your clients demand, RedQor can save you time and money compared to building an in-house team.

Remote Staffing Cost Savings




Remote Staffing Cost Savings




Grow your MSP your way

All of our talent is available as a dedicated resource or an on demand ‘off the shelf’ specialist. Choose what you need, and when.

On demand engineers

MSP ready talent that slots into your team within days, available off the shelf at an hourly rate.

Dedicated resources

Specialist team members sourced by us and integrated into your MSP quickly and seamlessly.

Flexible staffing model

Need a combination of dedicated resources and on demand specialists? We can build your dream team.

IT Automation Platforms

Our resources are experienced in all of the major MSP automation platforms (including NOC automation) and will fit seamlessly into your current workflow.

What is AIOps

AIOps is the term used to describe artificial intelligence in IT operations. AIOps can help IT teams manage the huge complexity and volume of data generated by modern IT infrastructures, reducing failures, ensuring uptime, and maintaining a continuous service.

Intelligent automation is the outcome of combining robotic, intelligent and autonomous systems, which broadens the range of jobs and processes that can be automated. IT automation used in conjunction with AIOps can increase efficiency within your team, improve digital experiences, and speed up service delivery while reducing costs.

For an MSP/MSSP, IT Automation and AIOps has clear benefits:

The benefits of AIOps

Cost and time

Performance and reliability

Incident response

Customer experience

Staff performance

Governance and compliance

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