Cybersecurity Resources for MSPs

A solution for any knowledge or skill gaps within your security program

What does your cybersecurity staffing service offer?

We offer experienced talent in all cybersecurity disciplines, available on demand or as a dedicated resource. Whether you have a capacity issue or need particular specialist input on a project, we can supply an effective solution.

Eliminate operational risks associated with knowledge or skills gaps with a solution that provides quality employees for projects and/or daily security needs.

How do I get started?

The typical cybersecurity staffing arrangement involves close collaboration between company personnel and the provided security specialist or team. This will be delivered as a complete offshoring solution. The end goal is to close skills gaps, increase team output and accelerate outcomes.

RedQor makes sourcing on demand or dedicated offshore staff with the right experience quick and easy. We cover a complete range of security disciplines:

business people

Remote Staffing Cost Savings




Remote Staffing Cost Savings




Grow your MSP your way

All of our talent is available as a long term resource or an on demand ‘off the shelf’ specialist. Choose what you need, and when.

On demand engineers

MSP ready talent that slots into your team within days, available off the shelf at an hourly rate.

Long term resources

Dedicated team members sourced by us and integrated into your MSP quickly and seamlessly.

Flexible staffing model

Need a combination of long term resources and on demand specialists? We can build your dream team.

Cybersecurity Staffing

RedQor provides access to a pool of expert cybersecurity resources, from junior to senior and consultant level staff. Options cover Junior SOC Analysts, Senior Security Engineers, vCISO and everything in between.

Our staffing model is designed to integrate quickly and efficiently with your existing team, and bridge skills and knowledge gaps without the time and costs associated with traditional in-house recruitment.

Cybersecurity Talent

Junior SOC Analyst, Junior Security Engineer
Senior SOC Analyst, Security Engineer
Senior Security Engineer, Consultant

Cybersecurity Talent

Senior Consultant

Available Cybersecurity Talent

SOC Analyst

Monitors networks and systems, detects security threats, analyzes and evaluates alarms, and reports on threats, intrusion attempts and false alarms - resolving or escalating based on severity.

Security Engineer

Helps to ensure the security of their clients' systems and networks by protecting them from security breaches such as hacking, phishing, pharming, spyware, malware and viruses.

Consultant (CISSP)

Assesses information assets within the business for vulnerabilities, potential breaches, attacks and implements security controls defined by the organization’s security policy.


Establishes the appropriate security governance practices within the business by defining a framework for risk-free scalable business operations, creating a culture of cybersecurity.

Ready to get started?

Tell us what skills you’re missing and we’ll find the resources you need! Or get an instant cost for our cybersecurity services.