Cybersecurity Consultancy
for MSPs and MSSPs

CISSP certified consultants

Not sure where to begin with reselling cybersecurity or securing your own network? Our experienced consultants will take you through the essential first steps – from initial security level assessment to penetration testing and virtual CISO solutions. RedQor can also advise on creating a culture of security in your organization – covering Compliance, Governance and Awareness training.

Security Maturity Assessment

Identify the biggest security risks and where you should focus your efforts, based on industry best practice and recognized security frameworks.


Virtualize your cybersecurity team and get access to expert strategic and technical assistance, with a virtual Chief Information Security Officer service.

Penetration Testing

Carry out simulated attacks to identify any potential security breaches or vulnerabilities. The next stage after implementing mature security controls.

Security Maturity Level Assessment

This assessment is the recommended first port of call in evaluating and strengthening your own and client’s cybersecurity, which is carried out by inSOC as a white label service. It involves a gap analysis and risk assessment, with the aim of identifying the level of security maturity, the biggest security risks, and where the security strategy should be focused.

Including a review of current strategic plans and compliance with globally recognised controls and frameworks (including NIST CSF, CIS Critical Controls and ISO 27001), the process will result in an authoritative guide to developing a tactical plan to further mature you own and your client’s security program.

We strongly recommend that this elemental testing is done for the MSP/MSSP in the first instance, to ensure your own systems and environment is sound before reselling a wider range of inSOC solutions to clients.


Essential for acting on the findings of the Security Maturity Level Assessment, and invaluable when moving on to delivering ongoing cybersecurity services to clients, a vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) gives you access to world class cybersecurity expertise without the need to hire a team. It is a scalable, reliable and cost effective way to develop your security maturity and policies.

Our vCISO offering covers both strategic and technical expertise, and includes a wealth of support services:

Penetration Testing

Also known as a ‘red team exercise’, these tests are a simulation of a real world cyber attack that utilize the same ever-evolving techniques and tools that cyber criminals use.

Often misunderstood as the first stage in assessing security effectiveness, this process is designed to test implemented security controls after they have matured, to meet compliance requirements (e.g. PCI, NERC) or to verify risk levels if business infrastructure has undergone a significant change.

Identifying what (and who) the threats to a client’s business are is an essential part of penetration testing, and inSOC will support you throughout the process, allowing you to resell with confidence.

Of course, we can also implement penetration testing for your MSP/MSSP – so you can practice what you preach.

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