Awareness Training

Online and in-person cybersecurity training to mitigate risk throughout your organization

What is Cybersecurity Awareness?

End users are considered the primary vulnerability within a network. Cybersecurity awareness refers to an end user’s level of knowledge about security threats their organizations may be exposed to, and how to minimize risk through their own behaviour.

By building a culture of cybersecurity awareness among teams, user behaviours change and therefore potential for security risk reduces.

What are the benefits of a cybersecurity awareness programme?

When an organization’s team members are cybersecurity aware, it not only means they understand what potential cyber threats exist and where they may appear, it also means they understand what impact an attack can have. The end goal is for all end users to know the steps required to reduce any risks.

RedQor will identify the most relevant people to include in the training, how to keep attendees engaged and guide you through the entire process.


Once the learnings and best practices from the training are put into practice, real life results will be measured and reported on to show improvements.


Several simulations will be carried out and user behaviour evaluated, including phishing tests, voice calls and other potential security breaches.


Training covers all areas of cybersecurity topics, covering passwords, phishing scams, social media, working from home and reporting incidents.

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