Cyber Insurance

What is Cyber Insurance?

Also known as cyber liability insurance or data protection insurance, this type of cover ensures your business is protected from the potential financial costs of external cyber attacks or internal data breaches. 

Online fraud, data theft, social engineering or simple employee error can lead to lost revenue, damaged reputation, and in some cases even fines. Cyber insurance exists to help ease the process of recovery. 

Should I invest in cyber insurance?

Because the number one cause of data breaches is user behaviour, any organization that holds information about customers, suppliers or employees, or those that carry out online transactions, should consider appropriate insurance. 

You will be protected against both existing and new threats, and the practicalities of restoring systems, recreating data and dealing with any demands being made where data is stolen will be taken care of. 

(Due to regulations that apply to each country we can offer cyber insurance cover to our UK customers only.)

security system

Compensates for loss of revenue as a result of data breaches.

Manages recovery with forensic investigations and legal advice.

Protects against any GDPR non-compliance claims that may arise.

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