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When you join the team at RedQor you become part of a leading worldwide staff augmentation provider – with some of the best talent in the business.  We’re constantly searching for the top IT, cybersecurity and software development talent to provide remote staffing services for clients all around the world

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As the need for remote staffing solutions grows worldwide, especially in the IT sector, the need for more talent increases. This in turn provides more and more job opportunities for talent at all levels - from junior to senior to consultant.


We want to see our talent grow in their area of expertise, and provide the right working environment and support for you to develop new skills and progress through your career. Whichever role you choose, we want you to thrive.


Sri Lanka ranks among the top countries for staff outsourcing in the IT, cybersecurity and software sectors - with strong government investment in infrastructure, a healthy business climate and excellent living and working conditions.

IT Talent

Associate Software Engineer, Junior Software Engineer, Junior web Developer
Software Engineer, UI/UX Engineer, Web Developer, Front End Software Engineer, Back End Software Engineer, Dev Ops Engineer
Senior Software Engineer, Senior UI/UX Engineer, Senior Web Developer, Senior Back End Software Engineer, Senior Front End Software Engineer, Senior Dev Ops Engineer
Lead Developer, Technical Architect, Development Team Lead, Lead Software Engineer



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