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Turnkey layered security solutions designed exclusively for MSPs & MSPs


No more dealing with multiple vendors or sending separate invoices. All your MSP cybersecurity services for you in one place.


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Bespoke reporting that’s uniquely tailored to your KPIs. With C-level overview and month-on-month security posture scoring.

Why Layered Security?

Your customers’ networks consist of multiple layers, and as an MSP or MSSP you need multiple security measures in place to fully protect them. The purpose of a layered security strategy is to ensure that every element of a network is protected against vulnerabilities and threats – protecting the continued operations, reputations and revenues of both their business and your own.

Designed specifically for MSP and MSSP resellers, RedQor offers a range of layered security packages that cover all aspects of protection – from Microsoft Office 365 security to SaaS and SOCaaS solutions, plus our unique MSP cybersecurity product to secure your own network.

All of our packages come with a dedicated account manager and technical expert, and customized reporting as standard. Services are provided by multiple vendors, but there’s no more need to send out multiple invoices – you only need to deal with RedQor.

Build Your Layered Security Package

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A user is any employee (or contractor or remote staff) who utilizes company hardware, network services, cloud services, applications or any other asset being monitored by the Security Operations Center.

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Typical costs for an in-house SOC

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Endpoint Protection / Endpoint Detection & Response Platform

Network & perimeter security

Next Gen Open-XDR SIEM (including Cloud & Log Monitoring)

Open-XDR (Extended detection & response) platform

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*The calculated cost is an estimate based on typical service options for the number of users selected.

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