Staff Augmentation

Cybersecurity services are in high demand, so are professionals with the right skillsets and experience. Many MSPs and MSSPs can’t expand their in-house teams fast enough to meet client needs.

Meanwhile, the high costs of hiring full-time employees, such as onboarding, equipment, office space, and administrative overhead, make it challenging to offer competitive pricing while staying profitable.

But does it mean you have to turn down businesses and leave money on the table?

Don’t let these hurdles hamper your growth. By using a cybersecurity talent acquisition solution, you can scale up quickly without sacrificing profitability.

How MSPs and MSSPs Benefit From a Remote Cybersecurity Staffing Solution

A cybersecurity talent acquisition service helps you source specialised talents or build a complete cybersecurity team. You can gain access to experts such as SOC Analysts, Security Engineers, Consultants, and vCISO with experience in a full range of industry-specific controls, frameworks, and compliance requirements.

Here are the advantages of using an MSP staffing solution:

Access to Cybersecurity Talents

Cybersecurity talents are in short supply. Without access to an extensive network of professionals with expert knowledge and experience, it’s often challenging to find the right people to meet your needs. A remote staffing service will have a readily available talent pool to give you access to a wide range of resources as needs arise and help you eliminate operational risks associated with knowledge gaps.

Responsiveness to Client Requests

Demands for cybersecurity services can change on a dime. When a client needs incident response support, you either have the right people to jump on it immediately, or you have to pass on the opportunity. But most MSPs and MSSPs can’t afford to have an army of employees sitting around to wait for the phone to ring! Having outsourced staff allows you to respond to client requests promptly without hiring a large team.

Compliance Standards

There are over 130 data privacy laws worldwide, making it virtually impossible to have an in-house team well-versed in every data privacy regulation under the sun. When you use MSP staffing services, you can access talents with specialised knowledge when you need it. You can confidently take on any project that involves any number of compliance standards to drive sales and revenue.

Scalability and Flexibility

When you partner with a talent acquisition company, you can add or reduce resources based on workload to meet fluctuating demand. Many of these services can also help you find the specific talents you need for a project quickly, so you can expand your service packages and add capabilities to meet changing market expectations.

Streamlined Onboarding

Cybersecurity is complex. When you work with top talents who can hit the ground running from day one, you can become productive as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the talent acquisition provider takes care of time-consuming HR processes and paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about the administrative burdens that’ll increase your overhead costs.

Cost Reduction

You only pay for the resources you need, and can therefore better control your budget while eliminating the capital and operating expenses associated with hiring full-time employees. Not to mention, offshoring gives you access to cybersecurity experts for a fraction of the labour cost. You can expand your offerings and grow your client base without compromising service quality or profitability.

How To Choose the Right Cybersecurity Talent Acquisition Solution For Your MSP/MSSP

Not all staffing services are created equal. Here are the key considerations when looking for a cybersecurity staffing company that can meet your needs.

  • The provider should ensure seamless collaboration with your team to minimise delays and misunderstandings. For example, by appointing a single point of contact to streamline communications.
  • Meanwhile, it should ensure that the resources assigned to your projects understand your company’s value so they can support your vision. The team should also align their workflows with your internal processes to increase operational cost-efficiency.
  • To gain as much flexibility and scalability as possible, look for a provider that offers experienced personnel in all cybersecurity disciplines, available on a project-by-project and longer-term basis.
  • Last but certainly not least, don’t overlook security! As an MSP or MSSP, you’re handling a lot of sensitive client data. A breach on your vendor’s side could have substantial financial and reputational implications for your business.
  • Your provider should have a secure office location with private working spaces, CCTV, access controls, and secure networks. Anyone working on your projects must access your system via secure connections to minimise unnecessary risks.

Accelerate Your Growth With a Talent Acquisition Solution

From accessing top talents and meeting client demands to lowering costs and ensuring compliance, RedQor can help you quickly source temporary or long-term employees with the right experience. We cover a complete range of security positions, including vCISO, digital forensics expert, CISSP, security analyst, risk assessor, security engineer, and more.

Learn more about our cybersecurity talent acquisition service and get in touch to see how we can help.