MSP & MSSP focused cybersecurity staffing

RedQor offers a unique cybersecurity staff augmentation solution for your MSP or MSSP, allowing you to source specific talent from our experienced resources or build a complete cybersecurity team. Our range of specialists – including SOC Analysts, Security Engineers, Consultants and vCISO – cover the full range of industry-specific controls, frameworks and compliance.

Personnel can be provided on a long term or project-by-project basis. Delivered remotely as a virtual staffing solution, our ‘Build your own cybersecurity team’ model helps eliminate skills gaps and capacity issues.

Cybersecurity staffing PLUS managed services

With managed cybersecurity services such as Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Management available as simple plug-in options, your MSP/MSSP can offer a full cybersecurity program backed by highly skilled resources.

Our virtual cybersecurity staff augmentation solutions, security training programmes and complimentary services are straightforward to implement and delivered by an expert strategic and technical team.

RedQor is here to help organizations stay ahead of cyber criminals, and will ensure that security risks are reduced for your MSP/MSSP and your clients.

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Let RedQor provide you with the cybersecurity talent your MSP or MSSP needs. No need to spend time and money on recruitment - simply let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest.



By utilizing staff augmentation along with a range of complimentary services, you can offer customers reliable security staff with many years of experience and expertise.



Outsourced cybersecurity personnel as and when you need them - for long term or ad hoc projects. All of this leads to sizeable cost savings, time savings, and a larger profit margin.

Build Your Own Cybersecurity Team

Get an instant idea of cost for the talent you require and the time you need them for, with our Resource Calculator. Choose your staff augmentation requirements and add-on security services…

Available Cybersecurity Talent

SOC Analyst

Monitors networks and systems, detects security threats, analyzes and evaluates alarms, and reports on threats, intrusion attempts and false alarms - resolving or escalating based on severity.

Security Engineer

Helps to ensure the security of their clients' systems and networks by protecting them from security breaches such as hacking, phishing, pharming, spyware, malware and viruses.

Consultant (CISSP)

Assesses information assets within the business for vulnerabilities, potential breaches, attacks and implements security controls defined by the organization’s security policy.


Establishes the appropriate security governance practices within the business by defining a framework for risk-free scalable business operations, creating a culture of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Services

Offer a range of enterprise-level industry-specific cybersecurity services to your clients, as well as security training and insurance solutions.

Managed Cybersecurity

An accessible alternative to recruiting an in-house team, our Managed Cybersecurity service covers SOC as a Service, weekly vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Advance your team’s knowledge and minimize cybersecurity risks, with our training programmes designed to build a culture of security awareness within your organization.

Cyber Insurance

Protect yourself from the cost of cyber crime, data breaches, or GDPR non-compliance claims, and recover faster from attacks and data loss.

Cybersecurity Staffing

Eliminate skills gaps and capacity issues with our staff augmentation solution. Specialist cybersecurity personnel available on a project by project basis, delivered remotely as a virtual staffing solution.

Penetration Testing

Test the effectiveness of your cybersecurity defences through simulated real-life attacks, which will uncover any potential weaknesses that need to be strengthened.

Risk Assessment

Ensure that your environment is secure and your cybersecurity program is working efficiently, with a risk focused assessment that identifies the actions to take to minimise the potential for attack.

Security Governance

Manage security risk in line with your organisational objectives, with our accessible training that includes all the tools and processes you need to create an effective governance team.

Security Compliance

Become certified, meet regulations, or simply find out if specific security compliance applies to your organisation by utilising our extensive experience in security regulations.

Vulnerability Management

A scan of your entire organisational infrastructure to pinpoint potential technical weaknesses, resulting in an actionable report of how to solve them before they can be exploited.

Why Choose RedQor

Cost Effective Staffing

Experienced cybersecurity staff available for long term or on a project-by-project basis, enabling your MSP/MSSP to provide the knowledge and skills required at an accessible price point.

Enterprise Grade Solutions

We deliver Managed Cybersecurity via our trusted partner, inSOC. With an impressive track record in providing open-XDR based SOC as a Service, potential threats and anomalies are detected before they can become a real security breach.

Framework-Driven Cybersecurity

Our services are based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework - the proven international framework for information security. Our industry-specific knowledge of security requirements help ensure that your organization, and its reputation, is completely protected.

Meet The Team

Kristian Wright

Joint Managing Director
I work with technology start-ups and growing businesses to build sales and marketing engines that deliver operationally deliverable results. With over 25 years’ experience in developing and leading technology businesses, I've grown my skills in strategic planning, lead generation, business development and C-level leadership within the IT Channel.  A heavily involved member of IT industry association CompTIA, I have served as Chair of CompTIA’s UK Business Technology Community from 2015-17 and Chair Emeritus from 2017-2019 and remain a keen supporter of CompTiA’s communities.

Tracy Pound

Joint Managing Director
After 32 years in Tech, my specialism is at the human end. I work with some of the world’s leading IT companies, providing training and speaking at their events around the world, which gives me the chance to make a real difference to the way people and businesses work. I’m also on a mission to help encourage girls and women to look at a career in Tech, and in 2015 I was very proud to be appointed to CompTIA's Board of Directors. I have successfully completed large scale infrastructure projects and am a published author of IT industry standards.

Hannah Lloyd

Sales Director
I’m responsible for global new business generation and managing major accounts of partners, and my vision is to deliver innovative and exciting cybersecurity solutions to the Channel. I’m very much involved in the wider Channel community, being elected as a member of the CompTIA UK Channel Community (UKCC) Executive Council for 2018, and as Vice Chair in 2020. During this time I’ve been honoured twice by CompTIA as a ChannelChanger, a programme that honours young professionals who are excelling in their roles within IT Channel organisations.

Steve Ross

Finance Director
I’ve been involved in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) sector for over 17 years, overseeing strategic direction and streamlining IT processes for businesses by sharing my extensive knowledge and experience of Managed IT, IT Support, Hosting and Cloud Services. I help MSP businesses work more effectively and become more profitable, through delivering valuable information technology strategies, implementation and maintenance. I’m a member (and former Vice Chair) of the Executive Council for CompTIA's UK Channel Community.


Managed Cybersecurity services are provided in cooperation with our trusted partner, inSOC.

CompTIA ISAO membership means we stay up to date with the latest threat intelligence, so that you can too.

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